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lait d'anesse ariège


Our farm "Lait Coeur d'Or" combines both agriculture and humanity.


It offers several activities : discovery of the donkeys, donkey rides, milking, cosmetics, sales point... 


Our products are available all year round, directly at the farm (at Saint-Ybars), at our retailers in Ariège and elsewhere or via our online store.


We want to share our passion with all those who pass through our farm's gate !




lait d'anesse ariège

Pyrenean donkeys

cosmétiques au lait d'ânesse ariège

The Pyrenean donkey is an old local breed, whose standard has been defined from old postcards, engravings and hippology manuals from the past centuries.


This standard, officialized by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1997, describes with precision the ideal characteristics of each part of the animal's body. Here are some of them : 

- The head of the Pyrenean donkey: the face is rather wide and dry, the profile is straight or better, concave.

- The ears are long, carried proudly in front, implanted at the top of the skull, furnished with down sometimes overflowing.

- The mouth is wide, with firm lips, the nostrils are well opened. The eye is expressiv, lively, large and close to the head.



 Only animals registered in the stud book (herd book), either for their ancestry or for their initial registration by a jury representing the association and the National Stud, are entitled to the name Pyrenean donkey.


Âne / Baudet des Pyrénées - Saillie - Lait coeurs d'or

Breeding donkey / Pyrenean Jackass

FANDANGUO DU FRAYSSE - Approved  Pyrenean donkey- Dark bay - Born in 2015 - 1m40


Services provided :

- natural breeding

- Pension

- Transport

- Echograph


Magnificent approved jackass, very well made with excellent legs and a very beautiful bone structure, Gascon type, of an intense black, trained with the bât and the traction.


Contact me/the breeder for more information : or on "leboncoin" and "btanimaux".

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lait d'ânesse ariege
lait d'anesse ariege

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